MULTIPOWER HYDROELECTRIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (MHDC) was founded in1985,  an economic entity with independent legal representative, possessing various qualifications, such as foreign trade, product import & export,  complete set of equipment supply, electric power project construction general contracting, water conservancy and hydropower project construction general contracting and electromechanical equipment installation specialist contracting and hydraulic metal structure manufacture and installation project specialist contracting. It also has the ability of providing project finaning for  exporting complete set of equipment.

HARBIN ELECTRIC MACHINERY CO., LTD (HEC) owned by HARBIN ELECTRIC CORPORATION, is the holding company of MHDC. MHDC is consisted of 10 shareholders engaging in R & D, engineering, manufacturing and installation etc. to build up a group enterprise.

Multipower Power Hydroelectric Development Corporation respectively established Harbin Multipower Electric Engineering International, Mechanical and Electrical Installation & Overhaul Branch and Harbin Training Center of Electric Power Operation and Maintenance.

Main business


MHDC has the comprehensive capability including site survey, engineering, equipment manufacturing, civil & construction, erection and commissioning, technical consultation, customer personnel training etc. project contracting in the field of power station and power sector construction.

EPC contracting of hydraulic and electric power projects; Engineering and construction of municipal public project; Special design service for fire-fighting facilities project, installation and renewal of steel structure and manufacturing complete set of hydraulic and power equipment and related technical service; Fabrication of water turbine generator unit, steam turbine generator unit and related accessories; Technical design, consulting and training for electric power projects; Repairing and maintenance of power station equipment; Manufacturing, installation and renewal of special equipment; Import and export of products and technologies.


MHDC has completed respectively ten more turn-key projects and hundreds set of power equipment and accessories for almost one hundred hydropower and thermal power stations in China and abroad. MHDC has set up representative offices in the capitals of Ghana and Nepal Federal Democratic Republic, built up a long term friendship with the national power companies/authorities in said two countries.